Ian Calderon

AB 508 - Wage Garnishment for Homeless Veterans

Wage garnishment to collect unpaid fines makes it more difficult for veterans to escape the cycle of homelessness and ensures that further citations for the same type of offenses will continue to occur. By making it harder for homeless veterans to save money to end their homelessness, such garnishments paradoxically also increase the likelihood that the public safety offenses the tickets are meant to dissuade will in fact occur.

AB 508 provides relief to homeless veterans by prohibiting courts from garnishing the wages or levying a bank account of a homeless veteran for outstanding unpaid citations related to loitering, curfew violations, or illegal lodging for a period of up to five years from the date the court determines the veteran is homeless. The veteran is still guilty of the offense and obligated to pay the fines but the garnishment is postponed for five years from the date the court obtained information that the veteran is homeless in order to give them a chance to earn their way out of homelessness.

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