Ian Calderon

AB 1675 - Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Entrepreneurs are responsible for thousands of jobs in our economy and viewed as a key to the economic recovery of California and the nation. About two thirds of all new jobs created in the United States are the result of small businesses and entrepreneur startups and expansions. Still, entrepreneurs face many obstacles such as access to capital and access to markets but the biggest obstacle to success is often government itself.


The Entrepreneur in Residence Program will focus on making sure that government is not an impediment to the success of entrepreneurs in California by placing entrepreneurs in state agencies and departments for the purpose of utilizing the expertise of private-sector entrepreneurs to help make state governmental activities and practices more streamlines and accessible to small businesses.

Specifically Entrepreneurs in Residence will: 1) identify within government inefficient and duplicative programs that negatively impact entrepreneurs trying to start or expand a business and recommend solutions and 2) serve as visible advocates and mentors for entrepreneurs within government, a point of contact, someone who knows and understands their needs, concerns and frustrations with regard to dealing with government and 3) participate in informal working groups of entrepreneurs from various agencies.

The entrepreneur in residence program has been approved in two states, Virginia and Texas, is being considered in several other states as well as in Congress, and recently launched in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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